Academic Teaching

Teaching Experience

2017: Course Instructor

Psy323H1 LEC 0101 F: Sex Roles and Behaviour, University of Toronto

·       36 hours of lecture

·       Student evaluations above departmental mean on all metrics 

Example student feedback

"The instructor was incredibly engaging and helpful, took the time to get to know her students on an individual level, learn names, and generally made everyone feel like a part of the class. The lectures in themselves were interesting and easy to follow along, and conveyed the subject matter very well."

"Prof Ghabrial is an exceptional professor who was clearly passionate about the material. She was approachable and conductive to my learning in a sense where I felt safe and welcomed to speak my opinion."

"The professor of this course was absolutely amazing! She obviously loves what she is talking about and it showed in the way she taught in class."

Guest-Teaching and Facilitating

01 Feb 2018: Guest Lecturer: Trauma and Stress-Related Disorders

Psy240: Introduction to Abnormal Psychology, University of Toronto; Toronto, ON

·       Student evaluations available upon request

09 Aug 2016: Guest Lecturer: Stigma and the Stigmatized: Health in the Context of Discrimination

Psy333: Health Psychology, University of Toronto; Toronto, ON 

31 Oct 2014: Guest Lecturer: Substance Use and Harm Reduction

Psy240: Introduction to Abnormal Psychology, University of Toronto; Toronto, ON

25 Aug 2013: Co-facilitator: Safer Sex Workshop for HIV Prevention

Siem Reap Citizens for Health, Educational, and Social Issues (NGO 704); Siem Reap, Cambodia

Graduate Teaching Assistantships

2013 – 2020: 

Psychology Department, University of Toronto Mississauga

PSY100: Introduction to Psychology (x3); PSY240: Introduction to Abnormal Psychology (x5); PSY220: Introduction to Social Psychology (x2); PSY230: Introduction to Personality; PSY333: Health Psychology; PSY395: Hormones and Behaviour; PSY327: Interpersonal Relationships; PSY328: Psychology and the Law; PSY346: Abnormal Psychology; PSY320: Social Psychology: Attitudes; PSY325: Psychology of the Self (x2)